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Private Tea Factory Based Replanting Project of 1000 Hectares Smallholder Tea Land

The launching of the above project initiated by Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association (SLTFOA) was held at the Nilwala Tea Factory, on 27th September, 2013 with the collaboration of the Tea Smallholder Development Authority (TSHDA). A large number of smallholders of the area attended this meeting.

Mr. Kalana Dahanayake, Managing Director of Nilwala Tea Factory, who is the present Chairman of SLTFOA addressing the gathering stated that due to number of reasons like climate change, soil erosion, worker shortage, ageing tea bushes, the most of the smallholder tea lands have rendered unproductive and yielding low crops.

This has caused a severe supply shortage of green leaf to private tea factories which has caused a unhealthy competition among tea factories for leaf and most factories running at 50% capacity ending up with a sub quality product.

Tea smallholders are reluctant to replant as the subsidy granted by the government for replanting is not sufficient and there is a tendency for smallholders to diversity to other crops like cinnamon.

The SLTFOA aims to provide a number of special facilities to the smallholders in addition to the present government subsidy of Rs.350, 000 per hectare for replanting. It has also proposed a soft loan scheme specially formulated for this purpose.

The final objective of this special project is to replant 2,500 areas every year with the participation of 100 member factories and add one million kilograms of green leaf to the national monthly crop.

Mr. Mahinda Vidanapathirana Director TSHDA,
Mr. Bandula Regional Manager TSHDA,
Mr. Shantha Jayasinghe,