In 1986,the tea price came down to mere Rs 30/- to Rs 15/-. At this juncture, the private tea factories were affected by the risk of bankruptcy. The risk was successfully averted by forming the Rathnapura Tea Factory Owners Association.The founder of this organisation was Mr. Choola Naoutunna. The initial members were
  • Mr. Choola Naotunna
  • Mr. N.B.H. Pilapitiya
  • Late Mr. K.D. Upasena
  • Late Mr. E.C.G. Athukorala
  • Mr. B.H. Peiris
  • Mr. Dharmadasa Wanniarachchi
  • Mr. Manolal Liyanage
  • Mr. K.A.D. Perera
The inauguration of the Sri Lanka Tea Factory Owners Association, was held in Colombo on 17th March of 1990, as an all island Association. 93 participants were present on this occasion.

1992: The decision was taken to maintain an active capital fund debt scheme.

An unanimous decision was taken to establish more branches from the year 2000 on wards.

1994: The association decided to send one of its core member, D.E Welikala to Oman, for a discussion regarding the moisture of tea. This proved to be very beneficial to the member factories since they were able to increase the moisture up to 12% on par with the accepted standards.

2006 June: Held discussions with the honorable president.

With the gradual expansion as an all island association, we recently moved to our new office premises in Nawala.