Lumbini Opens Dalu Tea Centre in Deniyaya
The ‘Lumbini Tea Factory’ in Pallegama, Deniyaya recently opened the ‘Dalu Tea Centre’ near their factory premises at an investment of Rs.13 million. “Our aim is to promote the ‘Lumbini’ tea brand amongst the many tea enthusiasts which also comprises of tourists who frequently visit the factory.
The Tea Centre provides a range of Teas which is made up of the Nature Range, Spice Tea range, Exclusive Range, Pyramid Teabag Range as well as the award winning Jayachackra Tea.

Tea aficionados can enjoy buying as well as tasting the many tea ranges in an ambient surrounding, inclusive of the wi-fi facility, with a milieu of the Sinharaja Rain Forest. The estate extends to 75 acres and is located 200 km away from Colombo.
“After noticing the tourist influx into this region as well as to the factory, we wanted to provide visitors with the awareness of how Sri Lanka Tea is manufactured.
Since the Sinharaja Rain Forest is located in the vicinity, many travellers can be enticed to visit the Tea Centre on their way and give them the chance to educate themselves about how we engage in our processes. Visitors can also get the chance to engage in a session where they can pluck tea for themselves, process it and then take it back with them,” Lumbini Tea Factory, Managing Director and CEO, Chaminda Jayawardana said.

Lumbini Tea Factory has also been privileged recently with the first place as the ‘Best New Product -Tea as an ingredient’ at the World Tea Awards which was held in Los Angeles.
The Dalu Tea Centre was the brainchild of the Chairman and Founder of the Lumbini Tea Factory, Dayapala Jayawardana.
The company, which is a family business, was initiated in 1984 with the sole purpose of manufacturing the finest tea from Sri Lanka.
A point that needs to be highlighted is the company’s dedication in the process of inventing different kinds of tea blends and ranges as well as innovative machinery for the factory.